Chronic foot and ankle wounds can cause problems with mobility and affect the quality of your life. Dr. Howard Robins is a leader in the fields of podiatry and ozone therapies in New York City. He offers innovative wound care therapies to effectively treat foot and ankle wounds for long-lasting relief from often debilitating symptoms. Call or schedule a consultation with Dr. Robins to learn more.

Wound Care

Who is susceptible to foot and ankle wounds?

Anyone can cut their foot or twist an ankle as a result of an accident, but for men and women with varicose veins and diabetes, foot wounds may be a recurring problem.

Adults with diabetes or poor circulation often experience foot ulcers. Sometimes, these ulcers are minor, affecting just the surface of the skin; other times, they can penetrate deeper into the tendons, and even the bones.

Foot ulcers are most common under your big toe or on the ball of your foot. They can be uncomfortable — or extremely painful — especially if the wound becomes infected. Foot wounds can interfere with mobility and make daily activities more challenging.

How are foot wounds treated?

Depending on the type of foot or ankle wound you have, Dr. Robins may prescribe foot orthotics that fit inside your shoes to provide more comfort and protect your feet. You may also need to rest your foot and keep weight off of it to give it a chance to heal.

Dr. Robins may also need to debride ulcers in your feet and treat the infection. In some cases, oral medications and topical ointments may help relieve painful symptoms and treat the underlying cause of your wound. Additionally, intravenous ozone therapy often provides advanced healing of foot wounds.

How can intravenous ozone therapy treat foot and ankle wounds?

In 1995, Dr. Robins pioneered special techniques that use intravenous ozone therapy and topical ozone therapy in conjunction with conventional medical care for the treatment of wounds of the foot and ankle.

During direct intravenous ozone therapy, he injects a combination of oxygen and ozone gas into your vein so it can help heal diabetic wounds, improve circulation problems, and aid in the healing process of foot and ankle injuries. He also injects the gas local in and around the wound to destroy biofilm (the protective covering of bacteria) as well as any local infections.

When other treatment methods fail, Dr. Robins often recommends ozone therapy as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan for foot wounds and numerous other conditions.

To learn more about treating foot and ankle wounds with a combination of medications and cutting-edge therapies, call the New York City office to schedule a consultation.