Our culture frequently forces us to divide ourselves into parts, which cause us to lose touch with the entirety of who we are. When our bodies, minds, and spirits are polarized and unable to work in balance and harmony, we are said to feel fractured.

The body-centered, integrative psychotherapy methodology employed by Dr. D’Brant aims to assist in clearing obstacles from a person’s life so they can feel more “whole.” The first step in doing this is to establish a secure, encouraging environment in which a person can be gently encouraged to give up undesirable self-destructive behaviors. These behaviors may include compulsive and unconscious eating; entering and maintaining unhealthy relationships; believing that we are unworthy and acting on that belief; abusing drugs or alcohol; struggling to process and let go of anger, fear, rage, guilt, or other negative emotions; becoming depressed and uncaring about one’s life; ineffectively managing stress and its effects on the body, mind, and spirit; and failing to take action.

Psychotherapy is an invitation to a road toward balancing tensions and obligations and living in harmony. People who have gone through this process frequently feel “lighter” and have less worry. They also express having a sense of value and being able to do what they set their minds to. They discuss regaining resilience and composure to handle life’s hardships.

It is not a must for a person to feel good about their body, thoughts, and selves. It is our inheritance, and by taking part in self-directed activities, you can realize your mental and physical well-being. I’m looking forward to working with you all on this journey of self-discovery!

Dr. Garry D’Brant