Dr. D’Brant has never seen a more powerful tool than whole-body detoxification. It’s more necessary now than it ever has been before, because in my opinion, we are a nation of food addicts. We’re addicted to sugar, salt, and flour, to name the most prominent addicting foods. Every American eats approximately 150 pounds of sugar and flour every year. That comes out to nearly a pound of flour and sugar for each of us, every day.

If you eat fresh food and don’t salt it, most likely you will think something is wrong because the food doesn’t taste “right.” What you’re missing is the salt, because almost every processed food or restaurant meal we eat is so full of sodium that it actually overshadows the taste of the food. Some prepared dishes in the supermarket have a sodium content of over 60%.


What does all of this sugar, salt, and flour do to us? They make us inflamed and takes us down the pathway towards disease and obesity. Nearly 70% of American adults are overweight; 40% of children are as well, and these people can suffer from a condition called “diabesity,” a term first coined by Dr. Mark Hyman, a leading nutrition advocate. Diabesity is a fast track to weight gain, depression, acne, anxiety, hormone problems, dementia, infertility, heart disease and cancer. Our liver, which is one of our most important detoxifier is now compromised.

For over 35 years, I’ve used a pharmaceutical-grade medical food, combined with a blood sugar stabilizing formula, to help people detoxify their main cleansing organs, the liver, kidneys, and colon.

Getting clean and detoxifying your body has never been easier or tastier. Not only will you feel better with more energy, drive, and zest, but there is a good chance that you may lose some unwanted pounds. If you have any of these symptoms, then detoxification is right for you.