Muscular and ligament injuries can cause extreme joint pain and make it difficult to move. Dr. Howard Robins, a leader in the fields of podiatry and ozone therapies in New York City, offers cutting-edge Prolo-ozone therapy for relief from joint pain, muscle injuries, and ligament injuries that are common among athletes and weekend warriors alike. Call the office to find out if Prolo-ozone therapy can help you.

Prolo-ozone Therapy / Joint Pain / Muscular Injuries / Ligament Injuries Q & A

Q & A

What is Prolo-ozone therapy?

Prolo-ozone therapy is a technique that combines neural therapy, prolotherapy, and ozone therapy to treat degenerative joint conditions like arthritis.

Dr. Robins injects a combination of medications and natural supplements, plus a mixture of ozone/oxygen gas, into your injured joints or soft tissues, including muscles and ligaments, to promote the healing process.

How is Prolo-ozone therapy used?

Dr. Robins has had great success in using Prolo-ozone therapy for the treatment of joint, muscle, tendon, and ligament injuries, as well as other diseases and conditions of the foot and ankle when conventional treatment fails to relieve painful symptoms.

Prolo-ozone therapy involves local anesthesia, a small amount of non-preserved vitamin B12 (methylcobalamine), and ozone gas that’s injected directly into your degenerative joint or injured tissue. Research in Europe indicates that this treatment method may stimulate natural stem cells to help heal the affected tissue or joint.

In conjunction with conventional foot orthopedic treatment, ozone’s natural ability to act as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller, along with its ability to improve circulation to these damaged areas, can help to reduce or eliminate the problem altogether.

What conditions can Prolo-ozone therapy treat?

Prolo-ozone therapies may effectively treat a variety of joint conditions and soft tissue injuries involving muscles, tendons, or ligaments including:

  • Muscles sprains and strains in your legs, feet, and ankles
  • Tendonitis in your ankles, legs, and feet
  • Bursitis in your knees or ankles

Each of these conditions can cause painful movements and swelling around the affected joints or muscles. Soft tissue injuries like tendonitis and bursitis are often the result of overuse or repetitive movements; that’s why they’re common among golfers, tennis players, and other athletes.

Am I a candidate for Prolo-ozone?

Every individual is different, and there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to joint pain or muscular and tendon injuries. However, if you’re suffering from a degenerative joint disease or an injury, Prolo-ozone therapy may be able to help.

Through a thorough exam and consultation, Dr. Robins assesses your condition and discusses potential treatment options, so you can make an informed decision as to whether Prolo-ozone therapy is right for you.

To take the first step toward healing and reducing painful symptoms, call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Robins.