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Functional Medicine with Dr. Howard Robins

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About Our Office

Dr. Robins is a Podiatrist-Foot Specialist specializing in the use of Bio-oxidative therapy for the treatment of diseases and conditions affecting the foot an ankle. He has pioneered the use of the Robins Method of Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy making it the safest and most effective way of performing this treatment.


Best doctor ever , He takes care of his patients , he explains all in details and is precise . He love his patients. Ozone works for me and my patients and you have to beleve read all articles and you will see . I wish more people beleve and use like in Europe . Thank you god bless you for all your help plus he is the best teacher . Staff helpful very nice . AD

Alina D.

This was my first Ozone Therapy treatments ever. I received three prolozone shots in two spots. One in my shoulder and two in my big toe. The injections were almost painless. And within moments I could feel that my shoulder was better. And my toe also is healing up well and strong. I believe that I made a good choice to get the treatments now from Dr Robins months into the injury’s instead of years in.

L L.

Dr. Howard Robins has helped me tremendously with my major medical problems for 29 years when he custom made orthotics for me eliminating knee pain and the need for surgery in 1991 when I tore my meniscus. His ozone therapies and intravenous Vitamin C treatments greatly enhanced recovery from my mastectomy in 1996 and two hip replacements in 2016 and 2019. Mark, Paul, Bob and his other staff members are always very helpful.

Anne J.

Dr Robins is a straight shooter, blunt, direct and most importantly, he’s knowledgeable. I’ve been visiting the office for treatment for last month with great success. The nurses and admin staff are pleasant and accommodating.

Richard W.

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