DIV Training: For Medical Professionals


Medical Professional Training in the Robins Method of Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy


To learn the basic method of Robins DIV Ozone Therapy and, most importantly, all the “gems and pearls” gleaned over the past 24+ years making treatment safe, comfortable and effective. 

We will discuss all possible reactions that might occur and how to safely prevent and manage them. 
A complete discussion of all my protocols including Robins Fast Trak, Fast Trak 3 and the Robins Glut Sandwich, for treating all diseases and conditions is included, as well as the Rowen and Robins Ebola Protocol. 

Who I train:

I will train no more than 1-2 doctors at a time, limited to licensed doctors and healthcare providers (i.e. DMD, DDS, MD, DO, DPM, DVM, NP, ND) who can purchase needles and oxygen under their license in the state or country they work in. PA’s and RN’s may train, but they must have training authorized and their fee paid by the doctor for whom they work.

The Training:


Each day the training begins at 7AM in my home in Westbury. We see about 8-15 patients.
This is followed by several hours on the computer with PowerPoint presentations on all-important considerations of this and other ozone therapies.
Following this, we go to my Manhattan office where you will usually see approximately 20+ patients, often including 1 or more new patients.
The day ends between 3PM to 5PM, followed by a return to your accommodations.


A repeat of Monday mornings’ treatment experience, followed by a continuation of the PowerPoint discussions. 
Once again we go to the Manhattan office where you will see 2-5 and possibly more new patients. In between, you can observe one of my RN’s performing treatments.
The day ends between 2PM and 5PM, though possibly later.


This begins our longest day. Once again, a reprise of the previous morning's treatment experience in my home.
Following this, we complete our discussions of reactions and possible complications and how to manage them that may arise from the therapy.
In the Manhattan office, we will normally see 20-30 patients. The day ends at 6:30PM, so plan to book any return airline or travel plans late enough to avoid having to leave early, if possible.

Results of training:

You will receive a Certificate of Completion of the training, approximately 21 C.M.E.hours ( C.M.E.s may not be allowed by your State Board. Please check to verify if training in this manner will allow them to be approved).
You will be given a copy of my Independent Study Consent Form for you to adapt to your practice.
You will receive a treatment each day from me, if you wish.
You should feel competent to begin giving care in your office.
I will be available to answer your questions and offer technical support to you when needed. 
I will add your name, contact information, and website link to my website.
I have trained a very large number of doctors over the years. All have communicated that the training was complete and very well worth the time and fee charged. You may speak with any of them if you feel you need that reassurance.


$5000(US) for Ozone Without Borders (OWB) members not practicing in the Greater Metropolitan New York Area (GMNYA).
$7500 (US) non-OWB members.
$10,000(US) for healthcare professionals practicing in the GMNYA.



Home address: 

2029 Valentines Rd
Westbury, NY 11590
Cell 516-967-1009

Suggestions for accommodations:

Hilton Garden Inn Westbury
Address: 1575 Privado Rd, Westbury, NY 11590

Phone:(516) 683-8200

Holiday Inn
Address: 369 Old Country Rd, Carle Place, NY 11514
Phone:(516) 997-5000

Red Roof INN Plus Garden City
Address: 699 Dibblee Drive, Westbury, NY 11590

Phone:(516) 794-2555 

Why Doctors Need to Learn Robins DIV Ozone Therapy

Doctors and healers from around the world have trained with me. They have learned the benefits of Robins DIV and use it daily in their practices. This is the next step, the next phase in modern medical treatment for almost every disease and condition. Anyone can learn Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy (DIV) is just a few minutes. What I teach and share are the “gems and pearls” gleaned since 1995 in clinical practice. With over 175,000 treatments performed by the ending of 2014, I teach not only how to do it safely and effectively using my protocols that evolved and developed over these years, but how to handle any and all clinical issues that may arise during or after the treatments.

This wisdom will make integrating this therapy into your current medical practice seamless, simple and easy. Also, I am always available by email and cell phone to answer any questions and offer support if and when any issues arise.

Read the comments made by some of the doctors who trained with me and call my office at 212-581-0101 to reserve your training now.

Why Dentists Need to Learn Robins DIV Ozone Therapy

Dentists from around the world have trained with me. They have learned the benefits of Robins DIV and use it daily in their practices. This is the next step, the next phase in modern medical dentistry. We all know that dentistry has evolved over the last 100 years into a modern highly technologically advanced branch of medicine. Today you are no longer just ‘dentists” but highly skilled and trained “physicians” who specialize in diseases of the mouth and more specifically in teeth and dental problems.

We all understand that infection in teeth, gums and the contiguous bone affects the health of the entire body. Mercury from fillings attaches to nerve tissue both peripheral and central nervous system damaging the myelin sheath and underlying nerve tissue.

Intravenous ozone therapy, specifically The Robins Method of Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy (DIV) is the safest and most effective way to fight infection as well as chelate the mercury off nerve tissue both in the brain (it passes through the “blood-brain barrier”) as well as the peripheral nerves.

It should be used in conjunction with antibiotics in acute infection and considered a treatment of choice instead of antibiotics in chronic infection. Also, nothing else will chelate toxic metals off nerve tissue where all the damage is done.

Attacking dental issues from the “outside in” using ozonated water, oil as well as the gas itself along with an attack from the “inside out” is clearly the most effective and complete method of treatment.



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