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Dr. Howard Robins has been a leader in the practice of Podiatric Medicine since 1973. Dr. Robins began his career teaching foot surgery while serving as Director of Foot Surgery at two New York hospitals. He served as Director of Podiatric Medicine at several nursing homes, learning the need for prevention of disease and illness.

After six years of practicing traditional western medicine and surgery, Dr. Robins began his studies in ‘alternative’ medical practices. He became an international expert on natural healing and nutrition as well as Bio-oxidative therapies. He is considered by many to be the leader in intravenous ozone therapy here in the USA and is the only physician with extensive experience in both major forms (Major Autohemotherapy (45,000 treatments performed and Direct IV over 140,000 treatments performed since 1990). He is considered my many to be the foremost clinical expert on Bio-oxidative Therapies in North America. He opened the first oxygen bar in the USA, “The Oxygen Station”, in Manhattan and received press and clients from around the world. He is a founding member of the American Academy of Ozonotherapy and the IAOHD.

Dr. Robins has appeared on several hundred-radio shows and dozens of television shows worldwide for over 30 years. Dr. Robins recently ended his own show of 4 years on the Progressive Radio Network. He is a frequent guest on the Gary Null Radio Shows since 1977. He was the host of the ‘Healing Center Radio Show’ for over two years on WEVD in NYC. He was a professor of Preventive Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology for over 10 years in addition to being Chair of Basic Sciences and Exercise, Edison State College, State University of New Jersey.  Dr. Robins was the sports medical director of one of the largest athletic clubs in New York, ‘Natural Living Race Walking and Running Club’, for over 15 years. He is the co-author of two books with Gary Null P.H.D., one of which has been a best seller here and in Germany.

Dr. Robins appeared as a principal doctor, on the documentary (available on DVD) “Ozone Therapy: The Miracle Medicine”, with 40 of his patients giving testimonial to the effectiveness of the therapy.

Dr. Robins’ practice is located across from Carnegie Hall in mid-town Manhattan, where he sees patients from 42 states and over 30 countries.

1. 1969-1973 New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Doctor of Podiatric Medicine, D.P.M. Held the Anatomy Lab Scholarship 3 ½ years

2. 1973-1974 Residency in foot surgery Whitestone General Hospital,       Whitestone, NY

3. 1974-Present Private practice, current office at The Healing Center, New York, NY

4. 1974-1979 Director of Podiatric Medicine and Foot Surgery Lefferts General Hospital, Williamsburg General Hospital, both in Brooklyn, NY

5. 1974-1995 Director of Podiatric Medicine, Crown Nursing Home Brooklyn, NY

6. 1985-1995 Staff Podiatrist, Grace Plaza Nursing Home, Great Neck, NY

7. 1978-Present Appearances on several hundred radio shows, local, national and international. Host, “The Healing Center Radio Show” 1993-1995, WEVD radio NY. Host, “ Ask Dr. Robins” 2009-Present heard international on, both shows on alternative, natural medicine.

8. 1978-Present Appearances on over 50 television shows.

9. 1989 Started and Director of The Healing Center, An alternative medical center with multi-disciplinary alternative medical practices, including intravenous mega dose Vit C, Chelation Therapy and Ozone Therapy.

10. 1989-1995 over 45,000 Major Autohemotherapies performed.

11. 1994-Present over 165,000 Direct IV Ozone therapies performed.

12. 1980-Present lectured at over 100 Alternative health conferences.

13. 1996-1999 Started the Oxygen Station the first “oxygen bar” in the U.S.A., which was reported in over 500 newspapers,100 magazines, and 50 televisions show worldwide.

14. 1982-1994 Chair of Basics Sciences and Exercise, Health and  Nutritional Counseling Program, Edison State College, State University of New Jersey

15. 1982-1994 Professor, Preventive sports medicine and exercise physiology , Edison State College, State Un. Of NJ 16.           1980-1995 Sports medical director, Natural Living Race Walking and Running Club (largest club in New York)

17. 1998-Present trained over 30 medical professionals, worldwide in Direct IV ozone therapy, not including 80-100 doctors and nurses in Sierra Leone.

18. Co-author “How to Keep Your Feet and Legs Healthy for a Lifetime”, Four Walls Eight Windows”, NY; “Gut zu Futs ein Leben Lang” BLV and DTV both German publishers.

19. Co-author “Ultimate Training” St Martens Press, NY (sports medicine)

20. Producer, “Ozone-The Medical Miracle”, documentary film on the benefits of Ozone Therapy.

21. Producer “Ozone 101, Everything you need, have and want to know about it”, 2 ½ hour CD on Ozone Therapy.

22. Founding Member, American Academy of Ozonotherapy

23. April 2012: keynote speaker at 2nd International Conference on Anti-aging and Aesthetic and Regenerative Medicine, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

24. January 17, 2013: Keynote speaker at Physicians Roundtable, Tampa, Florida on Medical Ozone Therapy.

25. April 12, 2013: Keynote speaker at American Academy of Ozonotherapy annual meeting.

26. Founding member, International Association for Ozone in Healthcare and Dentistry.

27. Sept. 13, 2014: Keynote speaker at Ozonofest, International Medical Ozone Conference in Varadero, Cuba.

28. Oct., 2014: On written invitation from His Excellency, The President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, spent one week in Sierra Leone training between 80 and 100 doctors and nurses in the Robins Method of Direct Intravenous Ozone Therapy (DIV) to treat the Ebola Virus epidemic.

29. Dec., 2014 Elected to the Board of the International Association of Ozone in Healthcare (IAOH).

30. Feb. 20, 2015 Presented with Dr. Robert Rowen at the American Academy of Ozonotherapy annual meeting on their Humanitarian Medical Mission to Sierra Leone.